Math As A Service

Formulaic is published with PowerShell Pipeworks, which turns the module into a web site and service.

You can run many commands with a RESTful url. For instance, to see the angle of a 10 unit rise and a 10 unit run, visit To get the results of the command as JSON, visit

You can also supply parameters to a function in Formulaic by using the name of the command and the name of the parameters. For instance:

You can get the value back from any function in a few different formats: You can also get a widget to embed any function within a page, by passing ?widget=true Or you can use ?snug=true to make both the input widget and it's result embeddable

The Formulaic web site is built using a file called the Pipeworks Manifest. If you download the source code for Formulaic, you can check it out: it's Formulaic.Pipeworks.psd1. This file controls which functions can be run as a service and how the module will be published.